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Robin John Simmons SBAT MSTAT
Teacher and internationally approved teacher trainer of F.M. Alexander Technique, Ex-Director of Training ATLAZ
Teacher of T’ai Chi Ch’uan
Teacher of Evolutionary Procedures of Prof. Raymond Dart Creator of Dart-Online (see (Author of “The Evolution of Movement” and “The Gold Dust in the 4 Books of Alexander” and “Questions, Comments and Concerns“)
Instructor of Nordic Walking

Robin John Simmons : (d.o.b. 29.04.1946)

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Alexander Technique, Dart Evolution Procedures, T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Ergonomics and good use in the business and corporate world, Nordic Walking, Efficient Running,

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    Robin John discovered the Alexander Technique in August 1968 and qualified from the teacher training course of Walter & Dilys Carrington (the direct continuation of the training course established by Alexander) in 1971. He then set up a private practice in London.  He meanwhile also began teaching T’ai Chi Ch’uan in 1972, having learned from teachers John Yalenezian (senior pupil of T.T. Liang), & Dr. Chi Chiang Tao (a senior student of Cheng Man Ch’ing).

    Alexander Technique:  Robin John developed a busy private practice in London from 1972-2002 when he moved to Switzerland. From 1971 to its closure Robin taught the Technique regularly at The International Academy for Continuous Education established by J.G. Bennett.  Among his notable pupils from there can be mentioned Michael Gelb, Michael Frederick, and musician Robert Fripp.

    Among his pupils in London during this time can be mentioned Michael Palin, Gabriel Byrne & Terence Stamp, and musicians such as Judith Pearce (flute), Sandy Baillie (cello), and popstars Lulu and Sting.

    In 1982 he took over the training school begun by Elisabeth Langford and Paul Collins and established it in Hampstead, London.  It moved to Zürich in 2003 and closed in 2022. He is now, together with his wife Béatrice, training teachers in Bangalore, India both online and in person.  

    In participating in the running of STAT (The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, UK) in the 1970s and ’80s Robin was the Treasurer for a period and as such oversaw the transition of the office from a tiny desk in the practice of Dr. Barlow to a normal office building – the first of its kind for STAT.  He also organized that the annual memorial lecture took place at the same time as the Society AGM and instituted the concept of events (workshops etc) associated with the AGM.  He was also a member of several  STAT standing committees. For many years he was a Moderator for STAT at another teacher training school in London.

    In 2006 he was invited by the Australian AT Society to give a series of workshops and present the keynote speech for their annual conference in Sydney.

    He has conducted annual week-long workshops on the Technique in Turkey for many years and has given lessons and workshops in India and many European countries. Recently he has been invited to give workshops and instruction in training schools in Seoul, Korea.

    Having retired from his AT studio in Zürich, during which time he gave AT lessons to several of the leading musicians from the Zürich Opera House orchestra (e.g. Robert Pickup, clarinet) Robin John now offers work mainly online.

    Alexander Technique, Ergonomic evaluation and seating for business:  For many years Robin John ran a small company associated with his Alexander Technique teaching which retailed ergonomic seating and other equipment called Design For Good Use.  He was invited by various small business concerns (including an office chair manufacturer) to advise them as to the most efficient and ergonomic way to improve the conditions for staff members. 

    In 2010 he and his wife Béatrice ran a program in Wallis, Switzerland for 300 bus drivers to improve the safeguarding of their health based upon the Alexander Technique. He has also been asked to give similar advice and to work with staff members at a 5-star hotel in Saas-Fee. Testimonials from companies are in the section on AT and Business.

    The Dart Procedures and
    The Evolution of Movement: 

    During his training with the Carrington’s Robin John was introduced by Walter Carrington to the Procedures devised by Professor Raymond Dart.  He was so fascinated by these procedures that, following his graduation, he regularly met with Don and Carmen Burton and Jean Clark to explore them. He also studied the writings of Prof. Dart. He introduced these procedures to his teacher training course.

    He has now become known worldwide for his expertise on the Dart Procedures and has given presentations of them at several International Alexander Teacher Congresses (e.g. recently in Limerick 2015, Chicago 2018 and Berlin 2022).  His book, The Evolution of Movement which describes his outlook on the procedures and how they are integrated with the Alexander Technique was initially published in 2015 and re-published in 2018 and has been widely acclaimed. He has given workshops on these procedures in many countries worldwide.

    For sessions on the Dart Procedures please inquire as per above.

    There is a once weekly online class every Friday at 11.00 am CET . Kindly contact

    T’ai Chi Ch’uan: 

    Having initially begun taking intensive private lessons in 1969 Robin John found T’ai Chi to be of special interest, especially the aesthetic and meditational aspects of the art. After his first teacher John Yalenezian, left London in 1972 he continued to make visits to him abroad and began giving individual and group classes in London. He also worked with Dr. Chi Chiang Tao who was a senior student of Cheng Man Ch’ing. For individual or group sessions in T’ai Chi please enquire as per above. He is giving classes in the Short Form of Professor Cheng to individuals online. Kindly contact

    Nordic Walking:

    Taking an interest in Nordic Walking Robin John completed his Diploma as an instructor in 2005. For Nordic Walking instruction uniquely based on the Alexander Technique please enquire.


    Having assisted his friend Malcolm Balk (author of The Art of Running) in many workshops since 1991, Robin John offers workshops on how to improve your running style and efficiency.

    Courses and Workshops Worldwide :

    Robin has given workshops in many countries including Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Holland, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey, Ireland, Austria, UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Guernsey), Australia, USA, S. Korea, Germany and India. Robin has given many presentations on different themes connected to F.M. Alexander Technique at Congresses & elsewhere:
    A.T. & Seating
    A.T. & Running
    A.T. & Tennis
    A.T. & Skiing
    A.T. & Golf
    A.T. & Nordic Walking
    A.T. & Dart Evolutionary Procedures
    A.T. & its Application to the world of business and the workplace
    A.T. & its application to the Disabled
    A.T. & T’ai Chi
    A.T. & Car & bus driving

    Married to Béatrice Heiz:
    Alexander Teacher, Ancient Wisdom Healing Consultant, Fragrance Consultant, Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapist

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