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My book THE EVOLUTION OF MOVEMENT on the Dart Procedures. For more information see The Evolution of Movement


I just wanted to be in touch about your book. It is really such an excellent piece of work–one of the most thorough and complete books on any subject in our field, a delight to read through and learn from, and an excellent basic curriculum for students of the Dart procedures. Thanks so much for your accomplishment–it must have been very hard work indeed to put it all together.”  Ted Dimon

„It’s absolutely brilliant. It’s clear to me that this work is hugely important, and your knowledge, expertise and decades of experience that have gone into this research are tangibly immense. To have committed this to paper with such coherence is a wonderful achievement.” Fraser Simpson

“It did take some time to read it but it was a pleasure. It is a very fine and splendid piece of work you have written. Thank you very much for all this information about the Dart procedures. I will read and re-read it more times in the future. All this information is very welcome to me.” Fred de Wit

“You have obviously put a huge amount of time and energy into it and I am enjoying it immensely. It is a wonderful resource for the (Dart) procedures.” Joe Searby

“I actually think you have done a fine job of a complex book with little money and little help.” Kevin Ahern

“Received your beautiful book and I love it! Thank you – worth every penny.
Again thank you and you should be so proud of your accomplishment- truly a thoughtful and informative book.” Anne Macdonald

The Gold Dust in the 4 Books of Alexander

THE GOLD DUST PROJECT: The Gold Dust in the Writings of F. M. ALEXANDER

by Robin John Simmons MSTAT

Few trainee teachers of the Alexander Technique today will have read all 4 books written by the founder F.Matthias Alexander. These books contain the lifetime wisdom and outline procedures of the Technique that bears his name. Since there are people training in non-English speaking countries I took it upon myself to summarize all 4 books and render them in a more modern language together with comments from my 50 years of teaching the Technique, plus quotations from modern authors to bolster and enhance the message Alexander was giving us 100 years ago. These summaries I call The Gold Dust because as well as much extraneous material there are items of supreme value in Alexander’s writings that can inspire and educate – the Gold Dust. I also include a number of photographs to enhance the text.

I wanted to make these summaries available to everyone easily cheaply and quickly. To that end I created all 4 “books” in PDF format so I can send them at once by email.

If you are interested to find out more about these summaries kindly email me at


“The Use of the Self” F.M. Alexander

Indirect Procedures” Pedro de Alcantara (Oxford Clarendon Press 1997)

Body Learning” Michael Gelb (Aurum Press 1994)

Freedom to Change” F.P.Jones (Mouritz)

A full list of available titles in English can be found at

The Evolution of Movement” Robin John Simmons (Mouritz 2018) (see menu item Evolution of Movement)

Media: CD etc.

“RELEASE INTO BALANCE” a helpful CD and accompanying booklet to assist anyone wishing to improve their Alexander Technique **

Ideal for teachers to recommend to pupils
“Like having several lessons from an experienced teacher”

“It works so well when someone speaks you through the orders”

“It’s a great help to know that you are being given precise and correct self-help instructions”

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