Evolution of Movement

“Exploring the Procedures of Prof. Dart with Robin Simmons gave me an organic and dynamic experience of the unity of myself. In the end I felt calm, connected and awakened. Thank you for the practical, interesting and fun workshop”

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A guide to the Dart Procedures based on the Alexander Technique

Forewords by Terence Stamp & J.M.O. Fischer.

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The Cover of The Evolution of Movement Book

Jean M.O. Fischer writes in the Foreword:

“The exploration Dart started has been continued by a number of Alexander teachers, and Robin Simmons’s description provides the most detailed examination of the procedures we have to this date. He discusses the parallel between various procedures to the evolution of movement, in our journey from fish to bipedalism and the parallel between the procedures and an infant’s movement development, from lying down to balancing on two feet. His book is the outcome of exploring the procedures for 45 years, and is a great resource for anyone wishing to continue their own explorations.”

With nearly 240 high-quality photographs and 184 illustrations, this book aims to make the work of Professor Dart more accessible to a non-scientific audience. Divided into five parts it describes briefly the background of the evolution of vertebrates and the movement development of infants, including the author’s concept of the ‘Fish Body’. There is then a comprehensive description of the developmental procedures brought to us in Dart’s four papers where he tells us what he did to help himself in relation to the Alexander Technique. This highly practical section forms the main part of the book. Following this, understanding Dart’s recognition of the significance of the Double-Spiral Arrangement of Voluntary Musculature is shown in a simple clear way. With summarizing chapters on The Medial Longitudinal Bundle, The Trigeminal Nerve, and Segmentalism the book concludes with ‘friendly’ renderings of Dart’s four academic papers to add depth of understanding to Dart’s outlook. With sixteen helpful Tables including clear charts showing how to follow various Dart procedures sequences, the book offers a comprehensive outline of Dart’s practical evolutionary procedures.

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The Evolution of Movement workshops are suitable for anyone interested in movement both professionally or privately.

“The course gave me to deeply thinking what a human being is”

“I am rejuvinated”

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