Béatrice teaching in ATLAZ

Béatrice Simmons SBAT MSTAT Teacher and Teacher-Trainer of the F.M. Alexander Technique, Co-Director of ATLAZ, Ancient Wisdom Healing, Aroma Creations & Consultations, Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner  

I am working with the Alexander Technique and I am a member of the professional bodies in Switzerland (SBAT) and the U.K. (MSTAT), as well as being recognized by the Affiliated Societies of the Alexander Technique worldwide.  

I have been working for many years with essential oils and I was the co-founder of the Society for Aromatology and Aromatherapy (Veroma) under Martin Henglein and co-organised the first International Congress for Aromatherapy in Switzerland. My long-time experience in this field is reflected in my many aroma creations, bath essences, and perfumes, and I give fragrance consultations.  

In my ancient wisdom healing consultations, I accompany people along their life path and support their search for themselves and their healing, and I am applying my knowledge individually in each case and I am regularly asked to give workshops and presentations at International Congresses.  

My work is now mainly conducted online. Please email to this address: attaraalchemy@gmail.com

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