ATLAZ Professional Training to teach the Alexander Technique



Kindly note that we have now closed our school ATLAZ. We are sad to do so after 40 years of teacher training.

This school was continuously training teachers since 1982 and teachers qualified from the school are now teaching throughout the world. Originally the school was based in London, UK, and moved to Switzerland in 2003.

“I feel extraordinarily good at the school ATLAZ, well cared for and appreciated with competent, caring guidance from Béatrice & Robin John. They put over the Technique in a logical and convincing way and they give and engender tremendous enthusiasm for the work.” (EJ a student trained with us)

ATLAZ Teacher Training

We are suspending our teacher training in Switzerland from April 2021. We continue to assist with the training of teachers in South Korea and Bangalore, India. Anyone interested in training to become a teacher of the Alexander Technique may contact us for further information or contact SBAT the Swiss Alexander Society at

We are located online and we can be contacted at

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